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At Jones Marine Design we have a passion for the antique outboards.  The design and craftsmanship that went into designing and building them all those years ago is something we feel should be saved and celebrated.  Below are pictures and descriptions of some engines restored for customers and our own personal collection.

A restoration service is available to those interested.  We will restore your engine to as close to brand new as possible.  We try to re-use as many parts as we can in a rebuild as long as they are within allowable tolerances.  Everything we restore is ran before delivery, unless the customer specifies otherwise.

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A personal favorite of many outboard racing fans is the Mercury Mark 20H conversion.  The 20H was available from 1954-1956 as a factory class B racing engine.  Around 1959 the "Conversion" package came out to keep the engine competitive in the class. The engines are still raced today, and their sound is still unmistakable.

The engine pictured is in our personal collection, it had a full restoration from top to bottom.  Rebuilt with as many new parts as possible.  


1956 JOHNSON 5.5HP

This was a customers engine, that had been in his family since new.  Purchased by his grandfather and used every summer for fishing.  It received a full rebuilt, requiring many new parts as it had suffered a thrown rod at some time in its life.  

Like all engines we do, it looks and runs beautifully.



Another in our personal collection is a 1949 Mercury KF7.  This was rated by the manufacturer at 10hp, however many believe these engines to be more.  This engine also required many new parts because of a previous owners poor repairs.

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